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2022-2024 MAG Code of Points
Routine Analysis Database

This is a pooling of judging resources to help judges who are looking for another study opportunity to prepare to judge under the 2022 MAG Code of Points.

These are NOT official analyses!


There is a challenge when preparing to judge. Unless you have a really great study buddy, you don’t get much feedback or verification of how you are doing.

Even with a good study buddy, it doesn’t take long to become an echo chamber reflecting each other’s errors and misunderstanding of the rules.

It is helpful to gain a fresh perspective from someone outside your study circle to point out what you have missed.

The MTC usually provides some excellent exercises and examples that are extremely helpful and valuable to teach the Code of Points.

These should always be a judge’s FIRST resource for information and interpretations to get you started on your way.

But true judging proficiency requires much more drill than those few MTC exercises can provide, so therein lies the genesis of this

database of routine analyses.


With this database, we have the opportunity for a set of fresh eyes on the analyses that I have done with others. It is like having a D2 judge to practice with you.

Again, these are NOT official, and the D2 (me) might very well be incorrect!

You are the D1. What would you decide for some of these borderline decisions?


With this much data, there are bound to be errors. Please let me know if you find any typos or errors, and how you would handle some of the borderline decisions. You can make comments directly on the Google Sheet or send me a private direct message through the Flipped Decisions website feedback form.


Best of luck as you prepare for the new season.

Analysis Database Floor.jpg

This database is the result of a cooperative effort of judges from all around the world.

I would like to offer my deepeest thanks to Douglas Bernabé, Lionel Croci, Didier Lefébure, The Metro Judges' Study Group, Joe Rank, and Danae Rupp for their significant contributions adding and verifying the routines here. And thanks to each of the users who have contributed comments and have helped to catch the mistakes that have slipped through the cracks.

It is really cool to see this evolve into a truly international study group.

It is a pleasure and honor to learn this new Code of Points with you.


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