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Art by Danae Rupp

Disclaimer: Resources are unofficial documents.

While every effort is made to maintain accuracy, these are not official FIG documents. 

These resources are intended to be a handy references and supplements to studying the

2022 Code of Points, not a replacement. 

We welcome feedback to continually update and improve them.

Key Points and Changes to the 2022 MAG Code of Points

A comprehensive resource for updates, clarifications, and changes to the 2022-2024 MAG Code of Points.

Image by Bryan Turner

MAG FIG Element Shorthand Memory Aid PDFs

A simple, quick reference guide to remind judges of element values and which elements are in the same or separate boxes.

Image by Bryan Turner

Execution Deduction Symbols PDF

Handy-dandy one-page cheat sheet for execution deduction symbols.

Image by Bryan Turner

MAG Made Simple

A guide for new fans who want to follow Men's Gymnastics.

Image by Bryan Turner

2022 MAG Code of Points Routine Analyses Database

A link to a shared Google Sheet database of 2022 MAG Code of Points routine analyses for judging study.

Image by Bryan Turner

MAG Angle Deduction Memory Aid PDF

This memory aid presents all of the different angle deduction charts on a single-page, downloadable PDF.

Image by Bryan Turner

Judging Bias in a Nutshell

Judging Bias and Other Causes of Inaccurate Scores in Gymnastics Judging

Image by Bryan Turner
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