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MAG FIG Element Shorthand
Memory Aids

Updated 10 July 2024

These judge memory aids put all of the elements in the MAG 2022 and 2025 Code of Points at your fingertips. Every element is notated in FIG shorthand on a single page for each apparatus. It is a simple, quick reference guide to remind judges of element values and which elements are in the same or separate boxes.

A few notes:

  • PDFs have been added for the 2025 Code of Points based on the version of the 2025 Code of Points that was released in July 2024

  • My personal symbols differ slightly from FIG symbols, particularly for Pommel Horse and how I notate twists. I have included a PDF of my personal symbol sheet too. 

  • Each element group section corresponds to the layout in the Code of Points. However, in some cases, lines have been compressed, or boxes have been slightly shifted within their column in order to be able to fit all of the elements onto a single page for each apparatus.

  • Code of Points pages are notated with horizontal lines as a guide.

  • Elements that fall under the same repetition or maximum allowed rules are color-coded to recognize those elements easily.

  • 2022 Sheets have been updated to reflect changes in the July 2022 edition of the Code of Points.

A blank template is available for you to use to fill in your own symbols if yours differ from the FIG Code of Points symbols.

Download FIG 2025 Symbol PDF here:

Download 2025 Blank PDF Template here:

Download Rupp 2025 Symbol PDF here:

Download FIG 2022 Symbol PDF here:

Download 2022 Blank Template PDF here:

A huge thank you to Danae Rupp who has written all of the FIG symbols on the

FIG shorthand sheets! 

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